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Only four days left!


I am SO incredibly pleased with the turn out this year, but we can always use more! :D There are about 20 of you who have joined/friended, but haven't filled out the survey. And without filling out the survey, you can't participate. And what fun is it to be member and not participate? So, in conclusion, FILL OUT THE SURVEY!


(Sign-ups close November 15.)


And Round 2 Begins!

Welcome to the second round of ss_huddy! I'm so excited! We've grown a bit since last year; I hope you all plan on participating! First of all, please check the rules -- a few things have been switched around and the new dates are listed.

Instructions: Choose whichever ONE of the two you would like to participate in: fanfiction or fanart. Choose the appropriate questionnaire, copy and paste into a comment to THIS entry, and fill out all the questions.

Comments are screened.

If you have any questions, check the rules. If they aren't answered there, feel free to e-mail me at csiprincess05@yahoo.com or drop a comment at this post at my journal. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Fanfic Questionnaire

(as a recipient)
Give a brief summary/list of requirements for the fic you would like to see written.
Are brief mentions of other pairings okay? If so, which pairing(s)?
List anything you absolutely do NOT want.
What rating would you prefer?
Is an R or NC-17 rating acceptable?
(as an author)
Is there anything you absolutely will NOT write? (Ex. Character death)
What ratings will you write?
Are you 17 or older?
What is the keyword?

Fanart Questionnaire

(as a recipient)
(Choose one.) Which would you like: Icon, Header, or Friends Only Banner?
IF you chose header, please specify the dimensions here. (If you chose icon, ignore this question.)
Post the link to the images (if any) you would like to see used.
Would you like it to have a theme? (Ex. Christmas, winter, Airborne, etc.)
Do you have any other specifications (Don't go writing paragraphs here; let the artist have at least a little free reign over his/her creation.)
Are manips acceptable?
List anything you do NOT want.
(as an artist)
(Choose as many as are applicable.) Which of the following will you make: Icon, Header, or FO Banner?
Will you work with provided images?
Can/will you make a manip for the project?
List anything you do will/can NOT do.
What is the keyword?

For: kerryaod

For: kerryaod

By: hihoplastic

Title: Straight To Center

Rating: PG.13

Summary: 'I asked,' she reminds him and he nods, remembering the way he kissed her before she could say come with me.

A/N: To whomever this was meant for, I'm so, so sorry about how late it is! I really hope you enjoy it.

Straight To CenterCollapse )


For wench_for_hire

Written for: sinistercircus
By: gidget_zb
Rating: NC-17
Title: Thief of the Tree

Thief of the TreeCollapse )


For alanwolfmoon

Written for: alanwolfmoon
By: shikabane_mai
Title: Synchronized Accompaniment
Disclaimer: Obviously I don’t’ own House M.D, because if I did, there would’ve been a House/Cuddy kiss a LONG time ago.

- - -

Synchronized AccompanimentCollapse )


For pokeitlikejello

Written for: pokeitlikejello
By: rockxhuddy
Title: One Christmas Eve
Rating: High PG-13
Summary: House and Cuddy's Christmas Eve
Disclaimer: I don't own House MD

One Christmas EveCollapse )


For ladydothprotest

Written for: ladydothprotest

Author: pokeitlikejello

Title: Little Tidings of Joy

Chapter: Oneshot

Pairings: House/Cuddy

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D., nor the characters.

Summary: Cuddy stops by House's apartment on Christmas to deal with a not so pleasant House.

Little Tidings of JoyCollapse )


For hihoplastic

Written for: hihoplastic
By: ladydothprotest

Title: “A Listless Poem of Love Sincere”</p>

Pairing: House/Cuddy

Rating: PG

Summary: Chanukah, House, and Cuddy. Enjoy!

A/N: Hello, Anonymous Secret Santa! I really hope you enjoy this, and it’s something like what you may have had in mind—I certainly know I enjoyed writing it! So, thanks for the request and have a happy holiday season! (Oh, and I apologize for the potentially lame title—I have a hard time with those)

A Listless Poem of Love SincereCollapse )


For rockxhuddy (part 1)

For: rockxhuddy

By: kerry_aod

Title: Just One Night

Summary: House and Cuddy have a secret that they’ve managed to keep hidden for years. When their secret is discovered things lead from bad to worse.

Disclaimer: House M.D. and all its characters belong to David Shore & Fox. I don’t own anything and I’m not making any money.

Just One NightCollapse )