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ss_huddy's Journal

Secret Santa: Huddy for the Holidays
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What is better than Secret Santa?

Secret Santa, Huddy style, of course! (If you will pardon our sickening corniness)

Now, before you think "Not a fanfic writer, sorry," and hit that convenient little 'Back' button, wait just a second. Because this exchange is not just for fanfiction writers. It's for graphics makers, too!

In need of some Holiday Huddy fic? Too lazy to make that Huddy header that's been on your mind lately? Make someone else do it!

Welcome to ss_huddy (And, if you will, notice the brilliant double entendre. SS for Secret Santa, but you could also name your boat the SS Huddy. And Huddy is a 'ship. Get it? Yeah. Okay, so it wasn't that clever.)

Because what more could you ask for Christmas than sexy snark and UST and...well, more sexy snark and UST? ;)

→ You MUST join the community to participate; membership is not moderated. You may simply watch the community, if you like. But you'll be missing out on all the fun!

→ After joining, head over to this post. Follow the directions.

→ If you request something, you must fill another's request as well. That way everyone wins.

→ Remember that this is a House/Cuddy themed exchange. If you want something centered around, for example, House/Stacy or Wilson/Cuddy, this is not the place to request it. There may be mentions of other pairings (IF your Secret Santa says it's okay), but the main focus must be House/Cuddy.

→If you request a fic, you will be assigned to write a fic. If you request art, you will also make some type of art. Mixing and matching are not allowed. Sorry.

→ You may request fic OR art. Not both.

→ Keep in mind that you are writing for someone else. Adhere to guidelines. I know it can be difficult to reign in those muses, but please try your best. If necessary, go ahead and finish your project as you like, and then edit it.

→ The keyword is "pumpkin." Just so I know you read the rules. Or at least are one heck of a lucky guesser. Plus it's just a cool word.

→ Have fun!

November 6-December 5: Sign ups.
December 6: Assignments sent out. Get those creative juices flowing! All activities begin!
December 18: If you don't think you will be able to finish your submission, PLEASE tell me by this date so the back up writer/artist has time to make a satisfactory creation.
December 13-23: You may start sending in the products of your brilliant imaginations. Please do this by e-mailing me, and make sure you enter an appropriate subject. I will not open an e-mail that doesn't have a subject line. The 23rd is the LAST day for this.*
December 25: I will post the aforementioned products!

*If, for some reason, you will not be available on those dates, please e-mail me your finished submission beforehand. I will go ahead and post it with the rest on the 25th.

Questions should be this post at my journal.